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Travel conditions - Ro Swed Cham
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Conditions of entry and residence regime

Romanian citizens do not need a visa to travel to Sweden.

Entry to Sweden is permitted with the passport or identity card being valid.

In the case of Romanian citizens moving to Sweden on the basis of promises to obtain a job, it is imperative to check all details of the job offer before the journey (employer's creditwork, the necessary documents, Requirements relating to professional qualifications or knowledge of the language, etc.), including for seasonal workers (e.g. forest fruit pickers).

National legislation on residence regime in Sweden is strictly enforced, with police authorities constantly verifying compliance with legal conditions. In the 3 months period in which the residence of Romanian citizens in Sweden is allowed without special formalities, authorities can check the existence of livelihoods. If they find their absence, the Swedish authorities may decide to remove those concerned immediately from the territory of Sweden.

In order to avoid these situations, it is recommended that Romanian citizens travelling to Sweden ensure that they have the necessary financial resources to cover maintenance costs for the entire period of the journey. For unforeseen situations, it is useful to ensure the existence of a sum of money in Romania, which can be sent (for example, through the family), in the absence of other resources.

Romanian citizens wishing to remain on the territory of Sweden for a period of more than 3 months must notify the Swedish immigration Office (Migrationsverket). Subsequently, Romanian citizens must fill out a form for requesting the right of residence for a period of more than 3 months. Applicants to whom the application is approved shall receive a document attesting their right of residence in the territory of Sweden.

The conditions for fulfilling the criteria for obtaining the document attesting the right of residence in Sweden may be consulted on the Swedish Immigration Office's website: www.migrationsverket.se

Swedish public and private institutions, for example in the Banking field, may require foreign nationals, including Romanians, to legitimise themselves with a valid passport in order to benefit from various services. In these situations, the Romanian identity card, sufficient for entry into Sweden, does not allow access to those services.

Before travelling, Romanian citizens are advised to consult the Consular Services Guide, detailing the assistance that the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania can grant Romanian citizens abroad and the objective limits of this assistance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends to Romanian citizens who intend to remain for a long period in the territory of the State to address the diplomatic mission of Romania and to announce its presence in the region, communicating the coordinates Contacts in order to be contacted in emergencies.

In order to verify the particular conditions of entry provided for by national law, we recommend the consultation of official information provided by the Swedish authorities:


The Swedish climate is harsher in the Nordic regions, traversed by the Polar circle, and gentler in the southern part, where the marine influence is pronounced.

Winters are long and cold, with abundant snowfall and temperatures up to –30 degrees Celsius. The snow layer can be maintained, in some northern regions, up to 10 months a year, and at heights of more than 500 feet, it never melts.

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is almost the same latitude as the south of Greenland. In July it has an average temperature of + 18 degrees C.

North of the Polar Circle, in the counties of Norrbotten and Västerbotten, the sun does not set in the months of June and July.