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En swed Cham –your Reliable Partner

En swed Cham celebrated in June 2017, 1 year since its inception. We started to grow up with the Swedish business environment in Romania and we want to improve and constantly diversify our consultancy services.

With a team of 6 employees, we are one of the main partners for Swedish companies interested in investing in Romania.

We advise in particular SMEs, but the concerts are among our clients.

What distinguishes us from other consultancy companies is neutrality, but also the tight relationships that we maintain with public and local authorities in both countries. In addition, we have a long experience in advising companies from various economic domains and who have different requirements.

Our goal is to present Swedish business people objectively, in all its economic aspects and to guide the Romanian entrepreneurs to the Swedish market. We achieve this goal through regular announcements in our newsletter about the evolution of the Romanian economy, the legislative and political framework, through our presence at profile events and fairs in Sweden and Romania, as well as through numerous counselling meetings Individual.

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