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Project Description

On the 20th anniversary, Wens Travel launched on November 7, 2017, in the presence of over 150 guests, Wens INSPIRE Club, a club dedicated to the most loyal travelers who chose to explore the world alongside Wens Travel.

"Wens Inspire Club aims to be an inspirational space to relive a passionate and animated community of travels, but also the desire to share experiences from the destinations discovered alongside Wens TRAVEL," Declined Mihaela căşer, Entreone who founded the travel agency Wens Travel 20 years ago.

The exclusive benefits of the members of the Wens INSPIRE CLUB are meant to bring plus value to the journeys and to add a flavor supplement to the destination but, in equal measure, to create special links between people with common passions and interests that share Love for the journey but also that of the community they belong to.

"One of the special benefits of club members is the Zoom the World program, a series of meetings in which they will be presented with the unique tourist programs created to celebrate the release of the Wens INSPIRE CLUB. Also, at these meetings, members will have the opportunity to share impressions and preferences based on which Wens Travel will outline the design of new individualised circuits, dedicated to them, thus transforming the world map from a static puzzle into a Dynamic, vivid, harmonious construction, fingerprinted by the desires and discoveries of the travel community, Wens members. "He also said Mihaela Calarşer.



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