Inauguration of the Kazakhstan consulate 2017-11-24T20:07:35+00:00

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A new consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened in Cluj on Thursday. Businessman Clujean Ştefan Gadoo took over the mandate of honorary Consul in the presence of Kazakhstan's ambassador to Romania, Daulet Batavaev.

Cluj Mayor Emil Boc appreciated that regardless of distances, the cluster extends its collaboration with important countries in Europe and beyond, for strategic partnerships, in the fields of IT&C, energy, logistics, agro-food products, services Health, education, culture and beyond. Ştefan Gadoo said he would make a considerable effort to make Romania's relations with Kazakhstan more significant, especially since this country currently has a huge potential for development.

At the ceremony of awarding the title of honorary Consul attended the rector of Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj, John Aurel Pop, who reported that he has a close collaboration with the University of Astana, and that more and more Kazakh students come to study in Cluj, by Through university programmes.

The city hall of Cluj Napoca also signed a twinning protocol with the city of Karaganda, the administrative capital of the province with the same name, regarded as the country's largest industrial, scientific and Cultural Centre.

"Kazakhstan is not only natural riches or steppe, but also a great legacy left to humanity, from the origin of the Apple Bank to the cosmic flights launched from Baikonur. The modern world today benefits from Kazakhstan without knowing. If oil or uranium are seen as the main things that Kazakhstan offers to the world, there are also surprises. For example, I think a little world knows that in Kazakhstan there are officially 21,000 Romanians. Unofficially it would be 40,000 thousand. Kazakhstan is the world's largest producer of uranium. The Asian state holds 12% of world reserves and 36% of planetary production, "Gadola commented (pictured below). The businessman is associated with the team that put the Enerbumit bases, one of the most important companies producing energy systems in Romania.


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