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The wonderful world of Gustav Mahler's Liedor will come to life on April 28 in the special frame of the Reformed Church on Mihail Kogălniceanu Street. 16 from Cluj-Napoca. The baritone Florin Estefan with Hector Lopez, tenor, accompanied by the Italian pianist (also an international conductor) David Crescenzi, will give listeners the opportunity to enjoy an emotional recital.
In the programme that the three performers will offer on the evening of 28 April are included the cycles of Lieduri written on the renowned German folk texts from the poetry collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn ("The Enchanted Horn of the Boy") composed by Achim Arnim and Klemens Brentano –lieder A gesänge volume III, those based on the lyrics of the poet Friedrich Rückert-Rückert Lieder and Kindertotenlieder (,, the songs of the children who died ")-and Lieder eines Fahrenden Gesellen (,, the songs of the Traveler", on the texts Composer).
As an important represence of Post-romanticism, Mahler constantly sought to include in his liedours themes related to the fundamental problems of human destiny: the meaning of life, the usefulness of the struggle, the attitude to death, and… The emotions transposed into each series of Lieduri are complex, covering a wide expressive vocal-instrumental palette, and the message is often put in direct connection with Mahler's biographical period.
We invite you to discover the Mahlerian sensitivity in the interpretive aspects inherent in an exceptional musical event offered by Florin Estefan, Hector Lopez and David Crescenzi in the imposing framework offered by the Reformed Church on Mihail Kogălniceanu Street . 



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