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We are Ro swed Cham, the youngest business community in Romania. For a year, we represent a complex network of information and exchange of experiences for our members.
We are continually dedicated to the development of the member companies and we offer them complex services for SMEs as well as for multinationals.

As the official representative of the Swedish economy in Romania, we support the interests of the member companies in relations with the public authorities of both countries.


Access to a strong network:

Our manifestations are some of the best rated business and networking events in Cluj Napoca and are organized exclusively for and in the interest of members.

The Romano-Swedish business community is an extensive and professional network and offers direct contact with potential business partners and clients.

During the monthly meetings of members or in special events, are promoted primarily relationships between companies, their own business and the exchange of experience.


Active representation of interests:

We participate in political discussions and publicly discuss important economic themes. We maintain constant contact with embassies and ministries of both countries, to represent your interests directly in front of them. Our objective is to improve the constructive dialogue for the investment and business environment.


Preferential treatment

Membership offers you preferential conditions for all our services and priority towards non-members in terms of benefits.
You are highly recommended in the mediation of business collaborations and you have priority in case of participation in economic and matchmaking events.


Business Opportunities-2-business

By participating in the Members2Members program, you have the opportunity to present and promote your products and services on the website of Ro Swed Cham and offer them with discount to the other members.

Public presence

As a member you will increase your visibility. We offer you the opportunity to make your presence published free news in the monthly Newsletter or in the news section of our website. You can also promote your projects.

Also, as a new member, we will present to you both in the monthly meetings and on our Internet sub-page in the special section of new members.

Priority access to information

Receive preferential access to conferences and specialty events.